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HSR Forum

"Every worker on a facility should value, and be valued for, the crucial role they play in helping to make their shift, their fellow crew members and the facility they work on as safe as possible."

Jane Cutler, CEO NOPSEMA


The 2013 APPEA HSR Forum will be held at Crown Perth, Burswood, Western Australia on Monday 5 August, leading into the APPEA National Oil & Gas Safety Conference. This is the only safety forum in Australia specifically programmed for the oil and gas health and safety representatives.

Workforce involvement is a fundamental principle of modern safety legislation. The workforce are a vital part of the oil and gas industry leaders' commitment to work together to achieve high safety standards right across the industry - both onshore and offshore. The HSR Forum is therefore an important annual event for the workforce and provides a time for elected heatlh and safety representatives to come together in one place to develop their safety skills and share workplace experiences, issues and solutions.

Oil and gas operators and employers are strongly encouraged to facilitate the attendance of their HSRs by coordinating rosters and schedules well in advance of the 2013 National Oil & Gas Safety Conference and HSR Forum. Participation by health and safety representatives from right across the industry provides the optimum learning environment for all, and contributes to improving the quality and effectiveness of safety conversations back in the workplace. Oil and gas employers' support for this workforce forum is therefore fundamental to its success.

Interested parties can register for the HSR Forum as a stand-alone event or as an additional section to the Safety Conference.

Registrations are now open for both events.


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Should you have any queries relating to the HSR Forum, contact Roma Sharp.